geeking out

For the last two days, I’ve put the information I’ve gathered so far into action.

Climb Into Their Skin is going to be an interactive fiction game. I’ve always wanted to make this sort of game, so I’ve already done a lot of research on how to build one. Over two years ago I’d already settled on the software I’d use and even installed it on my computer: Twine.

Yesterday I fired up Twine and got to work. The layout of the environment in Twine looks a little bit like a big dry erase board, and each piece of story is in a little box “stuck” on the board, just like you would stick note cards with ideas written on them to dry erase boards. Little lines connect the boxes based on the links you set up between them. It’s just as easy to use the story software itself to brainstorm and hold ideas and remember the structure as it would be to work outside of the program, so I spent some time putting down the initial bits that I’ve thought of so far.

I also dug into some scary math and put the programming variables, functions, and macros in Twine to work. I took two programming courses like 20 years ago and my math skills are abysmal, so I really have to thank my boyfriend for patiently sitting down with me for two hours and helping me figure out how to represent outcomes mathematically.

…at 40 years old, I finally understand why I was tortured with math word problems as a child. It would have been nice to know then….

Tomorrow some fun research: popular boy’s names for Black Americans. Our protagonist gets a name! One that will have the possibility of opening or closing doors for him later in life.


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